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The GoodElectronics Network


Platform for co-operation, Knowledge/information hub

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Good Electronics

Date of publishing

January 2014


The GoodElectronics Network brings together networks, organizations and individuals that are concerned about human rights and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain. Members include trade unions, grassroots organizations, campaigning and research organizations, academia and activists. GoodElectronics and its members are not-for-profit only.

The programme of the GoodElectronics network aims for three results: civil society organizations, including trade unions, are informed, supported and capacitated to play their role as a countervailing power in the electronics sector in order to empower precarious workers and address corporate abuse, both on the local and international levels; strengthened industrial relations involving trade unions and electronics companies have been established on both global and national levels; meaningful engagement between civil society and electronics companies and other relevant actors along the global electronics supply chain has developed.