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Report on the Swiss strategy for the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights



Country / jurisdiction


Enacting authority

Federal Council of Switzerland

Entry into force / date of approval

9 December 2016


The strategy focuses on the duty of the state to protect human rights and provide access to remedies. It contains 50 instruments aimed at ensuring that Swiss companies operating in Switzerland and abroad respect human rights, for example, by conducting awareness-raising events and training on the topic of business and human rights intended for Swiss companies, trade federations and chambers of commerce and ensuring that Swiss representations abroad raise companies’ awareness of the issue.

The report was drawn up following a broad consultation process involving the private sector, non-governmental organizations, social partners, the academic community and research institutes. The measures proposed in the strategy are set to be implemented on a four-year basis, synchronized with the legislative periods. The current strategy concerns the period 2016-2019. A revised strategy will be published in 2020.

The supply chains aspect is being discussed in the sections on human rights criteria in public procurement at the federal level, human rights and due diligence, reduction in human rights risks attached to gold extraction and trading ect. The supply chain is also an important aspect of the brochure on due diligence procedures for Swiss SMEs in the field of human rights. The brochure gives Swiss SMEs a practical overview of the opportunities and challenges of responsible business conduct and provides an overview of the steps required to implement human rights due diligence.