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Ethical Audits and the Supply Chains of Global Corporations


Report / analysis

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The University of Sheffield

Date of publishing

January 2016


Part one of the brief looks at the rise of ethical audits; part two considers the effectiveness of audits; and part three assesses the impact of the audit regime on global corporate governance.

The brief presents new evidence and key findings and argues that: ultimately, the audit regime is ‘working’ for corporations, but failing workers and the planet; labour abuses, poor working conditions and environmental degradation within global supply chains remain widespread; audits are ineffective tools for detecting, reporting, or correcting environmental and labour problems in supply chains; audits reinforce the labour and environmental problems that civil society NGOs are striving to improve; the audit regime, with the involvement and support of NGOs, is reducing the role of states in regulating corporate behaviour and re-orientating global corporate governance towards the interests of private business and away from social goods.


ENG: Kingdom/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Global-Brief-1-Ethical-Audits-and-the-Supply-Chains-of-Global-Corporations.pdf