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Compliance Report Update: Cal-Comp Electronics, Thailand



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Electronics Watch

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October 2018


This report documents research conducted by Electronics Watch from 2016 to 2018, based on interviews with recruitment agents and migrant workers from Myanmar working at Cal-Comp’s two major production facilities in the Samut Sakorn and Petchaburi Provinces of Thailand. This research shows that whilst there has been considerable improvements in treatment of migrant workers at these two facilities, Cal-Comp remains far from complying with ethical recruitment standards as stated in the RBA Code of Conduct. As a result, migrant workers are still at risk of forced labour. Whilst remaining in compliance with Thailand’s migration laws, systematic exploitation of migrant workers has arisen in Cal-Comp’s migrant worker recruitment channels, resulting in non-compliance with Myanmar’s prescribed limits on fees that can be charged to migrating workers.

Electronics Watch makes an update report on the situation as well as a Remedy Proposal for Cal-Comp Workers, which can be found here: