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ACT - Action, Collaboration, Transformation


Platform for co-operation, Monitoring and enforcement mechanism

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ACT (Action, Collaboration, Transformation) is an agreement between global brands and retailers and trade unions to transform the garment and textile industry and achieve living wages for workers through industry-wide collective bargaining linked to purchasing practices.

ACT is a global commitment on living wages in the sector that provides a framework through which all relevant actors, including brands and retailers, trade unions, manufacturers, and governments, can exercise their responsibility and role in achieving living wages.

ACT members have agreed the following the principles: a joint approach is needed where all participants in global supply chains assume their respective responsibilities in achieving freedom of association, collective bargaining and living wages; agreement on a living wage should be reached through collective bargaining between employers and workers and their representatives, at national industry levels; workers must be free and able to exercise their right to organize and bargain collectively in accordance with International Labour Organization Conventions.