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European Policy Brief: Four Principles for Addressing Trafficking, Forced Labour and/or Slavery (TFLS) in Supply Chains


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DemandAT, International Centre for Migration Policy Development

Date of project

2014 - 2017


Seeking to map and understand this emerging field of intervention, the DemandAT project has recently completed a project documenting and analyzing initiatives launched to address trafficking, forced labour and slavery (TFLS)-supply chains nexus as part the DemandAT project on 'demand side measures against trafficking'. The research involved extensive desk-based identification and analysis of 97 initiatives at the TFLS-supply chain nexus. Fieldwork in Qatar, the U.S. and Malaysia then explored selected initiatives in further depth.

The Policy Brief covers four issues: 1) the question of responsibility and liability in supply chains; 2) enforceability of initiatives; 3) prospects for worker participation; and 4) the role of public regulation to protect workers’ and migrants’ rights and labour standards.