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Principles to Guide Government Action to Combat Human Trafficking in Global Supply Chains


Guidance on Policy

Country / jurisdiction


Enacting authority

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America

Entry into force / date of approval

25 September 2018


The Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA, the so-called “Five Eyes” adopted a set of principles for nations to adopt in order to tackle modern slavery in global supply chains. The principles state that governments should take steps to prevent and address human trafficking in government procurement practices. Secondly, governments should encourage the private sector to prevent and address human trafficking in its supply chains. Thirdly, governments should advance responsible recruitment policies and practices. The fourth principle states that governments should strive for harmonization by making efforts to share information and work with other committed governments to align existing and proposed laws, regulations and policies to combat human trafficking in global supply chains.