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The Partnership for Freedom


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The Partnership for Freedom

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The Partnership for Freedom is a public-private partnership to spur innovative solutions on human trafficking challenges. To support this mission, the Partnership for Freedom collaborates on a series of three Innovation Challenges to inspire, reward, pilot, and potentially scale constructive solutions to end trafficking and support survivors.

The first Challenge, Reimagine: Opportunity, ran from 2013-2014 with the goal of improving the infrastructure of support for survivors of modern slavery in the United States. Winners implemented their projects from 2014-2016; The second Challenge, Rethink Supply Chains, launched in 2015 to surface, support, and share innovative applications of technology to address labour trafficking and exploitation in global supply chains; The third Challenge, Pathways to Freedom, was launched in spring 2017, and challenged local communities to address practices, policies, and perceptions so that every survivor of trafficking receives the respect, support, and opportunities that they deserve.