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Human Rights Risks in Global Supply Chains: Applying the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act to the Public Sector



Country / jurisdiction

Global, United Kingdom


Global Policy Journal


Martin-Ortega, Olga

Date of publishing

November 2017


This article analyses the application of the Transparency in Supply Chains provision (TiSCs) of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act (2015) to the public sector. Since 2016 commercial organizations are obliged to report on efforts to identify, prevent, and mitigate modern slavery in their supply chain. This includes over one hundred higher education institutions (HEIs). This article finds that while most reporting in the first year fall short of what is expected of institutions according to Government guidance, the exercise of reporting has initiated an important process of awareness. HEIs face a steep learning curve to develop effective human rights due diligence in their supply chain however, the TiSCs obligation has proved a catalyst for a wider process of understanding human rights risks and responsibilities of the public sector, and more specifically HEIs.